Monday, September 9, 2013

UCSF Community Center

I was looking out from the train window and suddenly something stroked my eyes,it was a long pillar kind of structure with vibrant sandstone color."I had seen this building in some book I was recalling and name came in mind was Ricardo Legorreta,a Mexican Architect,I couldn't wait to double check it online, I was right.I still remember my internship days when I was working at Ar. Ravi Gadres office, I used to look at some of his book collection and  legorreta+Legorreta was one of them I always used to get fascinated by the way he use vibrant colors in his all projects.

The main entrance of the building is not visible from the access road.what you see is green space which is generally used for playing football,tall pillar of a building with small punctures at the top and seating spaces along the pathway 

A bright yellow column  empower the glazed atrium wall that serves as a grand entrance portico to the UCSF Community Center.

The most interesting part of this building is its atrium he used two colors blue and orange and you can see play of shadow through out a day.

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